It’s times like these I miss Amy. Cite Arrow It’s times like these when I stop wondering why you’ve turned Scottish. (via callingfromtrenzalore)

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  • Twelve forgets almost everything
  • Me: *cries*
  • Doctor: *mentions Amy*
  • Me: *weeps uncontrollably*
  • Doctor: *mentions Handles*
  • Me: *sobs violently*
  • Eleven appears
  • Me: *bawls and dies in a puddle of my own tears*

Long ago, in the far away land of ancient Greece, there was a golden age of powerful gods and extraordinary heroes. And the greatest and strongest of all these heroes… was the mighty Hercules. But what is the measure of a true hero?

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the goddess in pose vs the goddess in rage

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this is all I remember from my high school science classes actually

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vastra all “do you know why i wear a veil”

no i don’t really tbh it’s transparent and i can see the shape of your lizard skull and you walk around without it on all the time and no one in london cares

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shopping for clothes would be a lot more fun if i had a thinner body and a fatter wallet

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The Scottish Doctor has arrived

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